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Koinonein BitTorrent Client v4.1.0.0

Koinonein BitTorrent Client

Changes In This Version

Use Windows Notifications

Settings > UI Options > Use Windows notifications option has been added so you can now divert any tray notifications to the Windows Notification area.

Tray Menu Redesigned

The tray menu has been updated and now shows you current IP information.

bittorrent client tray menu

Fixed Button Text Wrapping

Tablet Mode > Torrent List button text wrapping when a translation is used has been fixed.

Clicking Footer Clears Selection

All Lists > Clicking the footer now clears the current selection.

Info Tab Improvements

Tab > Info has a torrent icon added that will show the file or folder icon for the torrent and will open the location of the file or folder if clicked.

Tab > Info > Copies has been added that shows you how many copies there currently are of the rarest piece(s) among the peers the torrent is connected to.

Auto Management Switch Added

Statusbar > Auto Management switch has been added.

List Progress Bars

Desktop Mode > Torrent List & File List have progress bars added.

bittorrent client desktop mode files tab
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