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Koinonein BitTorrent Client v3.0.0.0

Changes In This Version

Bug Fixes

Desktop Mode > Torrent List & Tab headers unnecessary highlighting on empty column fixed.

Torrent Editor > Torrent List top margin fixed.

Torrent Lists > Ratio not rounding properly fixed.

UI Improvements

Desktop/Tablet Mode toggle button added to the toolbar.

Tab > History > Settings > Delete history conformation added.

Settings > Licence > Join Koinonein let’s you register on

All Tabs changed to a more modern design.

Tablet Mode > Torrent List > Ratio added.

Statusbar upload and download rate has the rate limit added.

Tab > Category has separate Tablet Mode list.

Update Improved

Koinonein pushes updates frequently but more often than not a revision build is made every few days however due to Koinonein adding the update torrent to your list of torrents revision builds were never pushed via updates and were only available by downloading from, you can now choose to get revision releases by going to Settings > UI Options > Updates > Update to revisions.

First Run Wizard Improved

First Run Wizard has been redesigned and optimized.

You can now register on from the First Run Wizard without visiting

Resume Files Changed

The torrent resume directory has been changed from ‘KTR’ to ‘Resume’ and the file extension of the resume file has been changed from .ktr to .koinonein.

Koinonein v3.0.0.0 will change the extensions of existing resume files so that they still work but as a new association is created you’ll be prompted to set Koinonein as the default application for .koinonein files.

Performance Improvements

Settings > UI Options > Update inactive tabs has further performance improvements if unchecked as no data is now processed outside of the UI for the non current tab.

Log Improvements

Tracker Errors has been split into separate warning and error events.

Performance Warnings has been split into separate session and torrent events.

Web Seed Errors has been added, previously this was bundled with Tracker Errors.

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