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Koinonein BitTorrent Client v2.8.0.0

Changes In This Version

Improved handling of logging off / switching user

Occasionally when logging off Koinonein would not correctly save the necessary resume data, now resume data is always saved and should you abort logging off or shutting down Koinonein will remain operational.

Magnet Metadata Received > Selecting Delete causing dialog not to show again fixed

If you added a magnet link then once the metadata was downloaded and you then chose to delete the torrent this would cause the “Show me the Add New Magnet dialog” setting to become unchecked.

Tab > Trackers > Adding / Clearing trackers improved

In version “Update only changed torrents” was added as an option and set as the default option, this setting causes Koinonein not to update any torrent that has not changed since the last time the torrent was checked, this saves a lot of CPU usage, however tracker changes do not count towards a change so it was the case that if you added or removed a tracker that change would not be noticed until the next time a valid change occurred. Now tracker changes happen immediately.

Various UI improvements

On the First Run Wizard if you select a language that a translation is not available for you’ll be shown the instructions for translating.

All the combo boxes in Koinonein have the highlight colour matching the Koinonein theme.

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