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Koinonein BitTorrent Client v2.7.0.0

Changes In This Version

Tab > Search > Occasional torrent size wrongly reported fixed

Occasionally certain torrents were reported as zero size or not converted to the proper file size.

Tab > Files > SHA1 column wrongly updated fixed

Depending on how the file columns were sorted it was possible for the SHA1 hash to appear in the wrong row.

Change Torrent Directory queuing system added

Prior to v2.7.0.0 you could go through each torrent and change the Save To location and this potentially could stall the system as all the disc writing capacity could be used up, now you can still go through each torrent and change the Save To location but each time you change a torrents Save To location the request will be queued to prevent stalling.

Tab > Peers > Occasional list not updating fixed

If you were to stop a torrent then any peers would not show again in the Peers Tab once the torrent was restarted until the torrent was re-selected, you could not re-select the torrent if you only had one torrent in you’re list.

Torrent List [Tablet Mode] > Improper rendering on scrolling fixed

In Tablet Mode it was possible for the various lists to draw incorrectly depending on the size of the main window and the percentage the torrents list and tabs were split, this caused undesirable flickering.

Statistics > Storage Moving & Torrents Creating added

As a change torrent directory queuing system was added then the number of torrents in this queue was added to the statistics along with the number of torrents that are pending creation, you can view the statistics by hovering over the network status icon.

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