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The Search Tab allows you to query a .csv file containing torrent hashes.

The .csv needs to be structured like so:

2018-Feb-17 18:09:43;PIhwuA3oPoIufrP7Ek/g4N7w4j4=;"Torrent Name";5328302

Once you’ve sourced the .csv file and set the file path in Koinonein BitTorrent Client you can then search the list and add torrents.

Koinonein BitTorrent Client can handle millions of entries in the .csv because at the most only 100 search results can be in the UI scrolling buffer at any one time.

Clicking this opens the settings window.

Search .csv

This is the path to the .csv file that will be used.

Adaptive search

If checked pattern matching will be used to try to find more results, if unchecked a faster and simpler exact query search will be used.

Limit search results to

You can control the amount of returned search results here, 0 means unlimited and the default is 250.


From here you choose what trackers , if any, will be included in the torrents you add to Koinonein BitTorrent Client.

You can also download a list of verified trackers from here.

Clicking this will clear the search query and the search results.

Clicking this will add the selected torrent to you’re list of torrents.

Clicking this will search for your search query then show you a list of found torrents.

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