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Koinonein comes with a scheduler that allows you to set the upload and download speeds for Koinonein based on the time of day.

To turn the scheduler on or off you can use the button at the top left, green is off and red is on. You can see if the scheduler is on or off by the scheduler button on the status bar.

Scheduler is on.

Scheduler is off.

You can toggle the on and off state of the scheduler by clicking the scheduler button on the status bar.

The scheduler has it’s own upload and download rate and you set this by clicking the up and down arrows. If you were to set 0 MB/s upload and download then on the scheduled times Koinonein would not upload or download anything.

In the picture above Koinonein has the scheduler turned on and the scheduler is set to be active between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

When the scheduler is on the regular upload and download speed settings are disabled.

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