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Pro Options

Koinonein has Pro features that are available on a subscription basis, you can purchase a subscription in the store.

Once you have a subscription you can enter your licence number and email address here to activate the Pro features.

Your licence works on any platform Koinonein is available on, you can use your licence on one device at a time so you’ll need to deactivate the licence on the currently activated device before activating it on another.

You can deactivate from your My Account options on the Koinonein website also.

Enable threat analysis systems

If checked the Pro features will be turned on.

Automatically stop suspicious torrents

If checked any torrent Koinonein considers harmful will be stopped and you’ll be notified of this.

Automatically delete suspicious torrents data

If checked any torrent file Koinonein considers harmful will be deleted.

Securely delete suspicious torrents data

If checked files deleted by Koinonein will be securely deleted to make it more difficult to recover the file.

Upload unknown files for extended scanning

If you have this checked files unknown to the Koinonein threat analysis systems will be securely uploaded to Koinonein for in depth analysis and you will receive a report of the analysis.

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