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Clicking this will show you a menu that allows you to select what events are logged.

DHT Errors

If checked any DHT errors will be logged.

File Errors

If checked any errors relating to the files in a torrent will be logged.

I2P Errors

If checked any I2P errors will be logged.

LSD Errors

If checked any LSD errors will be logged.

Peer Errors

If checked any peer errors will be logged.

Performance Warnings

If checked you will receive performance warnings for the session and the torrents in the session.

Port Map Errors

If checked port mapping issues will be logged.

Tracker Errors

If checked tracker warnings and errors will be logged.

UDP Errors

If checked UDP errors will be logged.

Limit Log To

If you enter a number here Koinonein will limit the log size to that number, 0 is unlimited.

Delete Log On Exit

If checked each time you close Koinonein the log will be purged.

By default no error logging is checked.

In addition to the error logging Koinonein records when you add a torrent and when torrents complete as well as when torrents are deleted.

Clicking this will clear the log.

Clicking this will copy the selected log item to the clipboard.

Clicking this will copy all of the log to the clipboard.

Clicking this will delete the selected log item.

You can right click a log item to get the above options also.

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