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UI Options

Adding Torrents

If checked the Add New Torrent dialog will show before a .torrent is added to Koinonein.

This lets you select what files to download and allows you to edit the trackers along with the save location and the torrent name.

The Add New Magnet dialog is the same as the torrent dialog except that dialog won’t show until Koinonein has fetched the torrent file from the the other users of the torrent.

If you don’t select any of these options Koinonein will add the .torrent file as it is but you can still change the trackers and save folder along with choosing what files to download at any time.

Audio Notifications

If Play Audio Notifications is checked then Koinonein will play the default system notification sound when certain dialogs are shown and when all tray notifications are shown.

Default BitTorrent Client

Let me know if this is not the default BitTorrent Client when checked will show a dialog each time you start Koinonein provided Koinonein is not the default application for .torrent files and magnet links.

If you click Yes in this dialog then Koinonein gets set as the default application for .torrent files and magnet links and that means when you download any .torrent file or double click on any .torrent file or click on a magnet link on any website Koinonein will open the corresponding link or file.

Set as the default BitTorrent client will set Koinonein as the default application for .torrent files files and magnet links. If this option is disabled then that means Koinonein is already set as the default application.


There are five deletion dialogs:

  • Deleting torrents
  • Deleting the torrents downloaded data
  • Deleting trackers
  • Deleting Web Seeds
  • Deleting categories


If you have any of these options checked then when you attempt to delete the item you will be show a dialog first asking you to confirm the deletion.


Let me know before closing if checked will show you a dialog asking you to confirm you want to close Koinonein.


Close to tray.

If this is checked and you have decided to show the tray icon then whenever you click the close button Koinonein will hide itself in the system tray.

Minimize To Tray.

If this is checked then whenever you click the minimize button Koinonein will hide itself in the system tray.

Show Tooltips.

Most buttons in Koinonein will show a brief description of the purpose of the button when you hover over it with a mouse, you can turn this off by unchecking this option.

Update Inactive Tabs.

To save some CPU usage on low powered systems you can check this so that only visible tabs get the content updated.

Use the grid layout

Use the grid layout if checked will use the grid view and if unchecked will use the list view.


This selects the language Koinonein will display.

You can find out how to translate Koinonein here.


Show me the tray icon if checked will make the system tray icon available.

The tray icon has a right click menu that allows you to show Koinonein if Koinonein is hidden and pause/resume all torrents along with the option to add multiple torrents and exit Koinonein.

Show me notifications if checked will show you tray notifications for torrent errors and completions.

Start Up

Run Koinonein at system start-up will start Koinonein when you start your PC.

If you choose this option Koinonein will start hidden to the tray or minimized to the task-bar if you are not showing the tray icon.


Automatically check for updates if checked will make Koinonein check if it’s the latest version a few minutes after first starting then every 12 hours.

If automatically download updates is checked then Koinonein will add the new version torrent to your list of torrents.

Check Now lets you check for updates when you like, if an update is available you’ll be shown a list of changes in the new version with the option to download.

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