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Koinonein Tablet Category Tab

The following are the default categories:

  • All
  • Checking
  • Downloading
  • Error
  • Paused
  • Seeding
  • Stopped


Add Category

In addition to the above categories you can create as many other categories as you like for example ‘Movies’ and ‘Software’, to add a new category just click this button and you’ll be shown the following dialog:

Once you have created a new category you just right click a torrent and select the category you wish to assign the torrent to.

To display only torrents belonging to the desired category just select the category form the list of categories.

Delete Category

To delete a category just select the category then click this button and the category will be removed and all torrents belonging to that category will belong to no category.

Remove Unused Categories

To remove unused custom categories click this button.

Reset Categories

To delete all the custom categories click this button.

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