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    When I try to limit the upload speed it will not adjust.I turned off the torrent and adjusted but this does not work either, completely uncontrolled and my download is crap.
    No speed for downloads at all now. shows 70kbs plus but download is only 450kbs.
    When the upload does go down on occasion the upload rises almost 200 kbs. I want to use this but it unless this bug is fixed I will have to look elsewhere, otherwise it installed and uses not to badly.
    Also your kbs adjustment says MB instead of kbs, a bug also.
    A bug for sure.

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    Hi what version are you using? (F12 will put it in the log or Settings > About).

    About the rate limits, everything is in KB/s MB/s (bytes) by design, I know internet speed test are reported as Mbps (megabits) but when you download a file typically it’s reported in MB/s or KB/s so Koinonein does not bother with the layer of confusion and just gives you everything in file sizes ie; download rate of 1 MB/s is 1 MB/s just like the file size.

    I can add an option to change the rate limits to Mbit/s if you like but then you end up doing the conversion in your head anyway.

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