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Thanks for the quick response.

First- before I have had similar problems with clean exit with qBittorrent, I reported the problem and the developer also said that the problem was caused more likely by libtorrent but he also advised me to delete some inactive trackers and more or less it worked.

About Koinonein- currently I am using it mainly for testing and in fact I seed all versions since 48 torrents all. I can pack the whole data directory into a 7Z archive and send it to you via e-mail. Would that be fine? Or better upload the archive to the cloud and post the download link?

Shortly if advanced-client-settings.xml exists where koinonein.exe resides and if that folder has read/write permissions without being Admin then Koinonein will assume that AppData is not used and the AppData folders will be where Koinonein.exe resides ie; portable.

So “advanced-client-settings.xml” in program folder triggers portable mode, right? I will test this after the memory issues are fixed.


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