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Hi, Change directory is fixed for next version, it’s not working with the context menu in List or Grid View but you can do it from the toolbar like you did on List View and from Tab > Info by clicking the Saving To path.

Memory yes big problem, I’ve been looking at it for a while and it’s a bit random, I know it’s not the UI as my debug builds can be just a console and the issue still happens but it’s not happening all the time, you can try using Mtuner on Koinonein or if you like send me the torrents you have active so I can profile what’s going on. It’s an issue within Libtorrent and I know a few people are looking at it as well so hopefully it’s a quick fix once the cause is found.

Behavior on closing is that once you click exit the Koinonein window is hidden and the tray icon removed along with the task bar icon then the session is paused and all your torrents are saved as is your settings, after this point Koinonein does not care about what’s going on with the session as we have all the data we need to restart but it still needs to exit cleanly so Koinonein is set to a background process while the session finishes up cleanly, I think the issue is with pausing the session and that will be fixed for next version.

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