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Context menus were removed from List View, Koinonein was originally meant to be a client for tablets and touch screen devices where the right click was not used as you had buttons on the toolbar instead but limited context menus got added to List View and the List View got changed quite a bit from it’s original purpose to try to accommodate people expecting a Grid View so we added the traditional Grid View separately and as it does not have a toolbar it has full functions in the context menu.

We got a lot of emails about the multi select being confusing with List View because you enable the multi select by clicking the check box on the toolbar and that then adds a checkbox to each torrent and then people expected the context menu to operate multi select when it never as the toolbar buttons did so we thought it best to simply not have context menus on List View as List View has buttons anyway.

List View is getting a bit of a overhaul at the moment, now we have Grid View as well we are getting List View back to it’s original purpose and that was a variable height list that is capable of displaying lots of detail that works easily with modern screens but that said if you like List View and aren’t using a touch device then we can put context menus back and add an option to turn them off.


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