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Hello developers,

Several remarks below.

About localization, one day I may translate Koinonein to my mother tongue (it is included in your list) but I cannot promise, right now I don’t have enough time for that. One more thing- there was “ISO-639-1” folder in “Koinonein BitTorrent Client x64” but it was empty, so I extracted the installer (“Koinonein-Setup-”) and copied “ISO-639-1.txt” and “en.lng” to ” ISO-639-1″ folder.

About installation- I have only used the x64 version yet I am sure that version also created folder “Koinonein BitTorrent Client x86” beside “Koinonein BitTorrent Client x64”- I have never installed the x32 version of Koinonein.

About memory usage- after I installed version I let Koinonein run for several days on end and today I spotted higher memory usage- Koinonein peaked resource-hogs like Firefox and Chrome, it was using more than 12% of the total used memory. Perhaps this is a kind of a memory leak? The tray menu was hardly accessible and the main window was unresponsive for some time. After I exited it and restarted it Koinonein returned to normal memory usage. But after the restart I noticed that the order of the torrents was messed up (I restored it from the last back-up I had made). Perhaps this mess in the database was caused by the program being unresponsive for some time before exit?

About tests- of course you can always send me test builds (alphas, betas, etc) and I will test them when I have time (on Windows 8 x64).

A question- have you ever thought of colour themes? Anyway, I like the current colour scheme but an additional one (for example- a darker one) might be appreciated by other users too.


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