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Hi, Koinonein will let itself through the Windows Firewall as part of the installation process and it does this without prompting (what’s the point of a Bittorrent Client that can’t access the internet) then should Koinonein become blocked by any firewall after installation it will trigger the firewall prompt each time its blocked:

There are several different protocols in use in Koinonein (DHT, trackers, http seeds, ssl, etc) and the network indicator flashing with the red dot suggest that there is an issue with one of them but most likely no DHT and that’s probability because there was no results received from the DHT bootstrap and you can see if that’s the case from the status info showing the number of DHT nodes:

It’s then possible that the trackers you have on the torrents currently running were not working or had no peers available or even that all the torrents you have running were complete so no outbound connections were established as yet so the network status is only in incoming mode.

Currently there is no diagnostic option but I shall add an option to check all the protocols are operational but in the interim if you turn on the log options you’ll get detailed logging of any errors for the various protocols.

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