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We tried to stay away from the side panel as it takes up a lot of real estate for not much information so Koinonein has the Status/Statistics when you hover over the network icon at the bottom right but if Categories/Labels were to be embraced they could have there own tab or a subsection in ‘Info’ tab but you know we don’t mind adding stuff in then removing it again if it does not work so something will be put together for Categories/Labels.

It was a no brainier offering the downloads and updates via the BitTorrent protocol as it keeps server resources to a minimum while still guaranteeing availability so while we have a dedicated download server for site downloads and https web seeding along with a dedicated seedbox it’s working out that the users are covering most of the bandwidth by sharing Koinonein themselves.

We do aim to get Koinonein available on more platforms but it’s just fund permitting so we have to see how it goes or do some crowdfunding to make it happen but when it does no version will have advertisements or such in them and the nature of the UI means all platforms will look exactly the same.

I believe Koinonein is ancient Greek.


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