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Categories/Labels are useful when one has hundreds of torrents- categorizing them (Audio, Books, Software, Video, etc) makes finding torrents easier. For example qBittorrent, Tixati, uTorrent have native support for adding categories while Deluge relies on a plug-in for that.

qBittorrent - Categories
qBittorrent - New Category

But I suppose that implementing Categories/Labels in Koinonein will require adding an additional side panel which might be contradictory to your initial GUI design.

A unified x32/x64 installer which detects OS and allows portable installation would be great! For me a portable version would have at least 3 advantages:
– run it from external drives;
– it would be easier to backup;
– testing of different versions without installation;

Yes, I have spotted in the “About” menu that the name has been truncated from “Koinonein BitTorrent Client” to “Koinonein”- for me shorter is simpler and looks better, thanks.

To offer downloads for Koinonein via torrents was a cute idea, it also facilitates testing, thanks.

I will continue testing of Koinonein- it is a breath of fresh air in the torrent clients market. Do you plan to make Koinonein cross platform and release it on Linux/macOS in the future?

I have already asked about the name but I am curious- from what language has it been derived? From a Celtic language?


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