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Hi smaragdus,

Adding Categories/Labels is not a problem, do you think it should be general categories or something deeper? Once a .torrent file is loaded by Koinonein it’s never used again as everything is stored in the resume file so adding extra metadata is trivial and when you ‘Get Torrent File’ your getting a new .torrent with all your trackers and web seeds and there is no reason that a ‘Category’ can’t be included in that.

I can add multiple select change directory but initially it would be so that all torrents would be moved to the same chosen directory but we are working on making the main window editable so you can rename/change directory without opening a separate dialog but it’s not very stable at the minute so that’s down the road a little while.

Portable is coming, funds permitting, and we are looking to have just a single installer for 32/64 bit that will let you install either or both or extract the portable versions.

You had a few other suggestions as well that are happening like shortening the name but as the name was used throughout the installation that’s getting done in stages so it does not mess up uninstalling, you might notice the UI is changed already along with the tray icon.


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