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Windows Change Log

Windows Change Log

Version: – 15/04/2019

Issue 475592: koinonein_bittorrent_client!sciter::frame::wnd_proc fixed.
Colour changes to the UI.

Version: – 13/04/2019

Issue 475382: koinonein_bittorrent_client!do_storage_moved_alert fixed.

Version: – 13/04/2019

Desktop Mode > Tab > Peers > Progress bar added.
Tablet Mode > Torrent List > File/folder icon added.
Tab > Info > Pieces shows number have and total.
Tab > Info > Sparse Storage information added.
Desktop Mode > Tab > Search > Colum’s not resizing properly fixed.
Tab > Info > SSL Torrent not indicating fixed.
Issue with SHA1 file calculation if AV software is actioning a file fixed.
Added support for Doctor Dump so that you can send any crash reports for analysis.

Version: – 24/03/2019

Toolbar Options changed to a menu.
Settings > UI Options > Double click opens torrent data location option added.
CPU usage reduced by over 65% when downloading torrents.
Disc caching frees up more memory when torrents are stopped.

Version: – 02/03/2019

Selected torrent is remembered for next session.
Add New Torrent/Magnet dialog > File/folder icon added.
Add Torrent > Add Multiple torrents option added.
Tab > Info > Torrent information reorganised.
Tab > Info > Note added, differs from comment as notes are private.
Settings > Client Options > Connection > Broadcast LSD setting added.
Settings > Client Options > Connection > Ignore nonrouters setting added.
Settings > Client Options > DHT > Announce interval setting added.
Settings > Client Options > Local Service Discovery settings grouped together.
Settings > Client Options > Local Service Discovery > Announce interval setting added.

Version: – 01/02/2019

Tab > Log > Logging improvements.
Settings > Client Options > DHT settings added.

Version: – 12/01/2019

Tray notifications queuing system fixed.
Settings > Client Options > Proxy & i2p settings added.
Settings > Client Options > Network Adapters clicking apply resets all connections.

Version: – 01/01/2019

Settings > UI Options > Use Windows notifications option added.
Tray Menu > Redesigned and updated.
Tablet Mode > Torrent List fixed button text wrapping when translation used.
All Lists > Clicking footer clears selection.
Tab > Info > Torrent icon added.
Tab > Info > Copies added.
Statusbar > Auto Management switch added.
Desktop Mode > Torrent List & File List progress bars added.

Version: – 23/12/2018

Settings > UI Options > Update Check not displaying result fixed.
Settings > Bandwidth > IP Information shows icon for no information.

Version: – 23/12/2018

Breaking changes – database upgrade.
EULA updated.
Update system improved.
Settings > Bandwidth > IP Information enhanced.

Version: – 12/08/2018

Torrent Editor > UI becoming locked if an invalid .torrent file is loaded fixed.
Installer not creating registry uninstall key fixed.
Taskbar icon not correctly minimizing/maximizing on click fixed.
Any links to non Koinonein sites will show the URL as a tooltip.

Version: – 18/07/2018

Desktop Mode > Torrent List & Tab headers unnecessary highlighting on empty column fixed.
Torrent Editor > Torrent List top margin fixed.
Torrent Lists > Ratio not rounding properly fixed.
Desktop/Tablet Mode toggle button added to the toolbar.
Tab > History > Settings > Delete history conformation added.
Settings > Licence > Join Koinonein let’s you register on
All Tabs changed to a more modern design.
Tablet Mode > Torrent List > Ratio added.
Statusbar upload and download rate has the rate limit added.
Tab > Category has separate Tablet Mode list.
Settings > UI Options > Update to revision builds option added.
First Run Wizard has been redesigned and optimized.
Resume files changed from .ktr to .koinonein.
Settings > UI Options > Update inactive tabs has further performance improvements.
Tracker Errors has been split into separate warning and error events.
Performance Warnings has been split into separate session and torrent events.
Web Seed Errors has been added, previously this was bundled with Tracker Errors.

Version: – 09/06/2018

Core library’s updated.

Version: – 22/05/2018

Changing UI language fixed.
Unnecessary torrent state change at startup fixed.

Version: – 11/05/2018

Torrent Editor added.
Installer updated.

Version: – 30/04/2018

Notifications improved.
History Tab added.
Various UI improvements.

Version: – 30/03/2018

Improved handling of logging off / switching user.
Magnet Metadata Received > Selecting Delete causing dialog not to show again fixed.
Tab > Trackers > Adding / Clearing trackers improved.
Various UI improvements.

Version: – 20/03/2018

Tab > Search > Occasional torrent size wrongly reported fixed.
Tab > Files > SHA1 column wrongly updated fixed.
Change Torrent Directory queuing system added.
Tab > Peers > Occasional list not updating fixed.
Torrent List [Tablet Mode] > Improper rendering on scrolling fixed.
Statistics > Storage Moving & Torrents Creating added.

Version: – 14/03/2018

Issue with magnet links causing occasional crash fixed.
Search Tab added.
Reduced shutdown time.
Create Torrent > Drag and drop file / folder option added.
Columns not resizing properly when toggling between Desktop / Tablet Mode fixed.
Tablet Mode redesigned.

Version: – 02/03/2018

Internal file paths not updating on Change Directory fixed.
BEP17 web seeds not connecting fixed.

Version: – 23/02/2018

Torrents not saving resume data on exit fixed.

Version: – 22/02/2018

UDP connection issue fixed.
Tab > Peers [Tablet Mode] > Country name added.
Tab > Peers [Desktop Mode] > Country name tooltip added to flag.
VPN Lock > Refactored.
Core libraries update.
Various UI improvements.

Version: – 07/02/2018

Stability and performance improvements.
Added Update only changed torrents option to improve performance.
Torrent List [Desktop Mode] > Multi Select not working properly fixed.

Version: – 25/01/2018

Settings > Torrent Options > Pre Allocate files option added.
Adding Torrent > Pre Allocate files override option added.
Various UI improvements.
Simultaneous torrent creation aborts unfinished torrents on exit.

Version: – 10/01/2018

Tab > Files > Optional double click opens the file location.
Issue with not showing torrents when started fixed.
Magnet Complete dialog not rendering properly fixed.
Magnet Complete dialog not starting torrent fixed.
Magnet torrents not starting if resumed without metadata fixed.
Licence works for all users of device.
Create Torrent > Start Seeding not working fixed.

Version: – 02/01/2018

Installers multilingual.
Adding multiple torrents causing some to pause fixed.
Settings > UI Options > Seconds to show notifications option added.
Sleep Mode not respected if torrents active.

Version: – 13/12/2017

Various UI improvements.
Torrent List > Context Menu > Change Directory not working fixed.
Memory leak fixed.

Version: – 10/12/2007

Settings > UI Options > Use context menus with Tablet Mode option added.
First Run Wizard > Use context menus with Tablet Mode option added.
Tablet Mode context menus mirror Desktop Mode context menus.
Windows Vista support removed.

Version: – 02/12/2017

Tab > Log > Connections option added to log incoming / outgoing / ip events.
Torrent List > Error state working intermittently fixed.
Torrent List > Clear Error option added.
Tab > Peers [Desktop Mode] > Columns optional via column header context menu.
Settings with unlimited option unlimited by default where sensible.
Add Torrent > Download Torrent accepts non direct file links.
Settings > UI Options > Use BEP53 option added.

Version: – 26/11/2017

advanced-client-settings.xml > Session logging option added.
advanced-client-settings.xml > Torrent logging option added.
advanced-client-settings.xml > Peer logging option added.
advanced-client-settings.xml > DHT logging option added.
Installer not respecting install folder fixed.
Tab > Files [Desktop Mode] > File column optional via column header context menu bound to Path column.
Tab Files > Initial opening time reduced significantly.

Version: – 23/11/2017

Tab > Log > Limit log to chosen number of entries option added.
Tab > Log > Copy All option added.
Tab > Files [Desktop Mode] > Various columns added.
Tab > Files [Desktop Mode] > Columns optional via column header context menu.
Settings > Torrent Options > Get MD5 & SHA1 on file complete option added.
Tab > Trackers [Desktop Mode] > Message columns added.
Tab > Trackers [Desktop Mode] > Columns optional via column header context menu.
Redundant connection created on launch fixed.
Torrent List > Issue with context menu not showing on readding torrent fixed.
Category > Delete Category dialog using incorrect translation fixed.
Create Torrent not functioning if translation used fixed.
Auto Start not adding trackers fixed.
Auto Start not adding comment fixed.
Dialogs not resizing properly if translation used fixed.
Tray Menu not resizing properly if translation used fixed.
Core libraries update.
Settings > Torrent Options > Auto Management options added.
Tab > Web Seeds [Desktop Mode] > Delete Web Seed not functioning fixed.
Torrent List > Deleting state working intermittently fixed.
Update dialogs improved.
Torrent List > Multi Select > Delete All not deleting stopped torrents fixed.
Torrent List [Tablet Mode] > Context menu options moved to toolbar.
Torrent List [Tablet Mode] > Multi Select > Options disabled when unavailable.
Tab > Log > Separate Tablet Mode & Desktop Mode tabs.
Tab > Files [Tablet Mode] > Multi Select > Options disabled when unavailable.
Tab > Web Seeds [Desktop Mode] > Paste List option added.
Tab > Log > Day Month Year / Month Day Year setting fixed.

Version: – 10/11/2017

VPN Lock > Using default rather than chosen port fixed.
Settings > Client Options > Reopen Sockets option added.
VPN Lock > Refresh retains checked state.
First Run Wizard streamlined.

Version: – 07/11/2017

Tracker Manager > Add trackers from duplicate torrent option added.
Torrent List [Desktop Mode] > Various columns added.
Torrent List [Desktop Mode] > Check All causing sort fixed.
Tab > Files [Desktop Mode] > Check All causing sort fixed.
Torrent List [Desktop Mode] > Columns optional via column header context menu.

Version: – 17/10/2017

Tab > Info > Comment is editable.
Tab > Info > Hash is click to copy.
Tab > Info > Saving To is click to change.
Tab > Peers > Add Peer option added.
Ability to choose Direct2D, Direct2D-WARP or GDI+ graphics.
Not sorting by Ratio fixed.

Version: – 20/10/2017

CPU usage improved.
VPN Lock > Additional logging and notifications added.
Ratio added to Tab > Info & Torrent List [Desktop Mode].

Version: – 13/10/2017

Various UI improvements.
Core libraries update.

Version: – 06/10/2017

VPN Lock – Network adapter binding.
Peer memory accumulation resolved.

Version: – 29/09/2017

Download working trackers option added to Add Tracker & Tracker Manager.
Memory not being fully released when stopping torrents fixed.

Version: – 22/09/2017

Tab > Peers [Desktop Mode] uploaded / downloaded reporting as downloaded / uploaded fixed.

Version: – 19/09/2017

Start torrent not updating visible category fixed.
Settings > Directories > Automatically load torrents from option added.
High CPU usage on Tabs > Info fixed.
Settings > Torrent Options > Maximum peers per torrent setting added.
Settings > Torrent Options > Maximum paused peers per torrent setting added.

Version: – 14/09/2017

Create Torrent dialog has maximum height of 85% with content scrollable.
Issue with getting IP info at launch resolved.
Add New Torrent > Save To saving to default folder fixed.
Desktop Mode option added.
Tray menu improved.
Statistics menu shows IP details.
Torrents list & files list sortable by checked.
Added 8 – 16 – 32 – 64 MB piece sizes to Create Torrent.

Version: – 20/08/2017

Hide progress for complete torrents optional.
Tab > Files progress not drawing properly fixed.
Start torrent paused fixed.
Changed fixed speed settings from 0 – 20 MB/s to 0 – 100 MB/s.

Version: – 18/08/2017

Issue with connections dropping resolved.
Network status improved.

Version: – 13/08/2017

Various UI improvements.

Version: – 10/08/2017

Add Torrent > Torrent File only lists .torrent files.
Issue with force recheck or seeding from read only media fixed.
Trackers are not announced to while checking files.

Version: – 02/08/2017

Compiler update.
Core libraries update.
Installer update.

Version: – 28/07/2017

Auto shutdown / restart options added.

Version: – 20/07/2017

Added categories.
Removed 3rd party ‘legitimacy’ check.
Settings > Directories > Load GeoLite2 Country database from option added.
Intermittent web seed deletion failing fixed.
ISO-639-1 issues with certain dialogs fixed.
Auto update check is recurring in the same session.
Various Function Keys added.

Version: – 10/06/2017

Statistics information improved.
Tab > Files regression of load time fixed.
Tab > Files > Rename File renames torrent if single file torrent.
Horizontal resizing issue fixed.

Version: – 30/05/2017

Torrents > Directory > Change Directory option added.
Torrents > Multiple Select option added.
Tab > Files > Multiple Select option added.
Settings > About > Version information added.
System tray icon menu added.
Settings > GUI Options > Close to tray option added.
Add New Torrent dialog added.
Magnet Metadata Received dialog added.
Ability to rename torrents when adding them.
Network changes are logged.

Version: – 09/05/2017

BEP17 issue with adding torrent addressed.
Various GUI improvements.

Version: – 21/04/2017

32bit version crash on timer fixed.
64bit version shortcut name fixed.

Version: – 17/04/2017

Settings > GUI Options > Minimize to tray option added.
Torrents > Open Torrent Location option added.
Occasional crash on exit fixed.
GUI exceptions sent to log.

Version: – 12/04/2017

Info > Copy Magnet Link improper URL encoding fixed.
Info > Get Torrent File works with any torrent state.
Torrent Options works with any torrent state.
Tab > Web Seeds > Add / Delete Web Seed & Paste List works with any torrent state.
Tab > Trackers > Add / Delete Tracker works with any torrent state.
Tab > Files > File Priority works with any torrent state.
Tab > Files > Not Downloading clearly distinguished.
Full SSL support.
Tab > Trackers > Tracker Manager added.
Create Torrent > Set file hash option added.
Create Torrent > DHT Nodes option added.
Better support for high resoloution monitors.
Settings > GUI Options > Audio & Tooltip options added.
Torrent progress bar only shown if less than 100%.
Statusbar > Network > Session Info added.
Tray Notifications queued rather than single instance.

Version: – 11/03/2017

Breaking changes due to improvements, torrent data not affected.
Multiple language ready.
Tab > Files > Rename File > Original name option added.
Settings > GUI Options > Reset Client option added.
Settings > GUI Options > Reset Client & Rerun First Run Wizard option added.
Create Torrent > Tab > Collections option added.
Create Torrent > Tab > Similar Torrents option added.
Settings, File Rename and Add Web Seed dialogs now resizable.
Issues with non starting resolved.
Tab > Files fixed crash when selecting.
Crash when closing Settings dialog fixed.
Universal theme, client should look the same on all platforms.
Settings and torrent data saved periodically rather than end of session.
Logging improved and standardised.
Log > I2P Errors option added (anonymous overlay network).
advanced-client-settings.xml > DHT Bootstrap Nodes option added.
advanced-client-settings.xml saved periodically rather than end of session.
Non ASCII torrents supported.

Version: – 27/01/2017

Auto Stop / Start indicators and switches added to status bar.
Fixed task bar options not showing on 64 Bit versions.
Fixed issue where new users had database corruption.

Version: – 19/01/2017

Fixed torrent files not opening via shell with 64bit version.
Info messages show torrent name instead of hash when duplicates are added via magnet links or .kbc files.
Delete Torrent > Delete Data option added.
Delete Torrent deletes data also when torrent is stopped fixed.
Various stability improvements.

Version: – 07/01/2017

Metadata failing to add when creating torrents.

Version: – 01/01/2017

Tab > Peers CPU usage improved.
Tab > Peers assignment of country flags to IP’s fixed.
Settings > GUI Options > Updates > Check Now option added.
Fixed crash on adding torrents with large amount of files.
Settings > Bandwidth IP location, IP provider and IP country come from the same daily updated source.
Tab > Peers client name unicode characters fixed.
First Run Wizard fixed misalignment of controls.
Fixed persistent settings across versions not being applied.

Version: – 26/12/2016

Reduced shutdown time significantly.
Tab > Trackers CPU usage improved.
Ability to turn scheduler on / off from statusbar.
Tab > Files fixed lag when selecting.
Fixed permissions when setting as default client to avoid UAC prompt.
Fixed starting minimized when run at start-up is set.
Copy / Paste List added to Create Torrent and Tab > Trackers to allow copying and pasting of trackers.
Copy / Paste List added to Create Torrent and Tab > Web Seeds to allow copying and pasting of web seeds.

Version: – 13/12/2016

Initial release.

Version: – 01/12/2016

Internal Build

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