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Tracker Manager

Tracker Manager

bittorrent client tracker manager

Saved Trackers

From here you can manage your saved tracker list.

Whenever you add a tracker to a torrent Koinonein BitTorrent Client will save it to your Saved Trackers List and these trackers will be available for optional use when you create a torrent or when you want to add a tracker to a torrent.

You can download a list of working trackers from here, each tracker on the downloaded list has been checked to be working and active in the last 30 minutes.

Tracker Options

Add trackers from duplicate torrents

If checked Koinonein BitTorrent Client will add trackers from duplicate torrents to the existing torrent.

Apply IP filter to trackers

If checked the IP filter applies to trackers as well as peers.

Prefer UDP trackers

If checked UDP trackers are always tried before HTTP trackers.

Proxy tracker connections

If checked tracker connections are made over the configured proxy, if any.

Report redundant bytes

If checked the number of redundant bytes is sent to the tracker.

Active tracker limit

The maximum number of torrents to announce to their trackers. By default this is 360 which is no more than one announce every 5 seconds.

Minimum announce interval

This is the minimum allowed announce interval for a tracker.

This is specified in seconds and is used as a sanity check on what is returned from a tracker.

Number of peers wanted

Is the number of peers we want from each tracker request.

Stop tracker timeout

The time to wait when sending a stopped message before considering a tracker to have timed out.

Torrent connection boost

The number of peers to try to connect to immediately when the first tracker response is received for a torrent.

This is a boost to give to new torrents to accelerate them starting up.

Tracker backoff

Determines how aggressively to back off from retrying failing trackers.

This value determines x in the following formula, determining the number of seconds to wait until the next retry:

delay = 5 + 5 * x / 100 * fails^2

Tracker completion timeout

The number of seconds the tracker connection will wait from when it sent the request until it considers the tracker to have timed-out.

Tracker maximum response length

This is the maximum number of bytes in a tracker response.

If a response size passes this number of bytes it will be rejected and the connection will be closed.

Tracker receive timeout

The number of seconds to wait to receive any data from the tracker.

If no data is received for this number of seconds the tracker will be considered as having timed out.

UDP tracker token expiry

The number of seconds Koinonein will keep UDP tracker connection tokens around for.

This is specified to be 60 seconds and defaults to that.

The higher this value is the fewer packets have to be sent to the UDP tracker.

In order for higher values to work the tracker needs to be configured to match the expiration time for tokens.

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