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Torrent File Editor

Torrent File Editor

Bulk editing torrents with Koinonein BitTorrent Client is straight forward, simply click the Edit Torrents button and you’ll be shown the above dialog.

Source Torrents

This is the first step to editing torrents, you select the torrents to be edited here.

You can drag and drop torrents here also.

Trackers & Torrent File Hints

There are five tabs in this section that allow you to add information to the torrents.


Collections allow you to hint to other torrents that share the same files as the torrent you are creating, for example “” added to you torrent will attempt to get files from other torrents who share this collection.

DHT Nodes

This allows you to add a hostname and a port number where there is a DHT node running. This is useful if you are creating a trackerless torrent as it can be used by BitTorrent clients to bootstrap their DHT node from.

Similar Torrents

Similar torrents works the same way as Collections except instead of a string identifier you are entering the hash of the the other torrent or torrents that share files with the one you are creating.


You can add trackers to the torrent from here.

Your Saved Tracker List is available here for you to add any trackers you use frequently.

Web Seeds

In this tab you can add a web URL that points to the file or files in the torrent you are creating, this allows Koinonein to fetch the files straight from a web server.


Adds a comment to the torrent files.

Created By

Adds a creator to the torrent files.

Edited Torrents Save Folder

If you select a folder here then the edited .torrent files will be saved to this folder and if not the torrents to be edited will be overwritten.

Edit Torrents

When you click this all the torrents in you’re list will be edited.

Koinonein Torrent Editor is a free stand alone application that has all the functionality of Koinonein BitTorrent Client’s editor.

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