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Threat Analysis

Threat Analysis

bittorrent client threat analysis options
Temporarily Unavailable

Temporarily Unavailable

Threat analysis systems available early 2019.


To activate enter the email address used to purchase the licence and the licence number then click Activate.

The licence number can be found in your email purchase receipt or in your online account on, to view your online account click My Account > Licence Keys.

If you don’t have a licence you can purchase one in the here.

You can deactivate Koinonein BitTorrent Client from here also so that you can use your licence on another device and you can also deactivate from by going to My Account > Licence Keys.

Your license is valid for all users on the same PC.


Enable threat analysis systems

Turns the threat analysis systems on or off, if on Koinonein BitTorrent Client will check the most common types of executable files for viruses and malware.

If a file scanned is unknown to the threat analysis services then it will be uploaded and thoroughly checked.

Koinonein BitTorrent Client checks files automatically and periodically but you can still scan on demand at any time.

Automatically stop suspicious torrents

If checked any torrent found to be questionable will stop.

Automatically delete suspicious torrents data

If checked any questionable torrent will have it’s data deleted, this only works if ‘Automatically stop suspicious torrents’ is checked.

For more information see the Threat Analysis help page.

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