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bittorrent client directories settings

Automatically Load Torrents From

If you specify a folder here then Koinonein BitTorrent Client will add torrents contained in this folder to your list of torrents.

Torrents automatically added respect the Auto Start option.

The folder is checked for new torrents every 5 minutes.

Downloads Folder

This is the default folder where all your downloads will be saved to and seeded from.

This folder can be overridden on a per torrent basis, to change the folder for an individual torrent do one of the following:

Right click the torrent and select Directory > Change Directory.

Select the torrent then click the Directory button then the Change Directory button.

Select the torrent then select the Info Tab then click on the current save path.

Load GeoLite2 Country Database From

This is the folder to load the geolite2-country.mmdb file from.

This database is updated on the second Tuesday of every month and each version of Koinonein contains the latest version at that point.

Move Completed Downloads To

If you select a folder here then when a torrent finishes downloading it will be moved to the specified folder then the torrent will stop if Auto Stop is active or the torrent will continue to seed if not.

Store .koinonein Files In

This is the location to store .koinonein files.

Koinonein BitTorrent Client once it has loaded a .torrent file does not use the .torrent file again instead it creates a .koinonein file for resuming the torrent and this file contains all the information from the .torrent file.

.koinonein files are saved as the torrent hash plus the .koinonein extension for example:


As the original .torrent file is not saved when you select the Info Tab and then click the Get Torrent File button you are getting a new .torrent file that has the same info hash as the original but it contains the Trackers and Web Seeds that you have chosen to add or keep.

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