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How To Create A Torrent

How To Create A Torrent

bittorrent client create torrent dialog

Creating a torrent with Koinonein BitTorrent Client is straight forward, simply click the Create Torrent button and you’ll be shown the above dialog.

Source File Or Folder

This is the first step to creating the torrent, you select the file or the folder containing files that the torrent will reference.

You can drag and drop a file or folder here.

Trackers & Torrent File Hints

There are five tabs in this section that allow you to add information to the torrent.


Collections allow you to hint to other torrents that share the same files as the torrent you are creating, for example “” added to you torrent will attempt to get files from other torrents who share this collection.

DHT Nodes

This allows you to add a hostname and a port number where there is a DHT node running. This is especially useful if you are creating a trackerless torrent as it can be used by BitTorrent clients to bootstrap their DHT node from.

Similar Torrents

Similar torrents works the same way as Collections except instead of a string identifier you are entering the hash of the the other torrent or torrents that share files with the one you are creating.


You can add trackers to the torrent from here.

Your Saved Tracker List is available here for you to add any trackers you use frequently.

It’s not necessary to add a tracker at all unless you are creating a Private Torrent then in that case you need at least one tracker.

Web Seeds

In this tab you can add a web URL that points to the file or files in the torrent you are creating, this allows BitTorrent clients to fetch the files straight from a web server.

Merkle Torrent

If you check this then the torrent file created will be much smaller than normal due to the section in the torrent referencing the files being saved to a separate file.

Not all BitTorrent clients support Merkle torrents.

The .merkle file will be saved to the same location you choose to save the .torrent file to.

Padding Files

This will insert pad files to align the files to piece boundaries, for optimized disk-I/O. This will minimize the number of bytes of pad- files,to keep the impact down for BitTorrent clients that don’t support them.

Private Torrent

The private setting asks BitTorrent clients to not use any other sources than the tracker for peers and to not advertise itself publicly apart from the tracker.

Set File Hash

If you check this the MD5 info hash of the files will be stored in the torrent.

Start Seeding

If you click this then once the torrent is created it will be added to your list of active torrents.


Adds a comment to the torrent file.

Piece Size

Allows you to select the piece size for the torrent.


The path to the X.509 certificate in PEM format if you are creating a SSL torrent.

Save As

Let’s you set the name of the .torrent file and the location to save it to.

Create Torrent

Creates the torrent with the provided information.

There is no progress shown when creating a torrent because you don’t have to wait for one torrent to finish creating before creating another one.

Once a torrent is created you’ll be shown a notification, you can hover over the network icon so that the statistics information is shown as that contains the number of torrents pending creation.

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